The 5 Best Cocktail Bars in York

Cocktails at Stonegate Yard York

I lived in York for 365 days exactly, and in that time I drank more than 365 cocktails (that’s normal, right?). So if you’re looking for recommendations on the best places for cocktails in York, I’m here to help.

1.Bora Bora

Bora Bora York
Bora Bora is my top choice of cocktail bars in York

True to its name, Bora Bora feels like being in a tropical paradise come rain or shine. The heated outdoor courtyard is perfect in all seasons, there is a tasty selection of cocktails that are well priced too, and the 00s R&B tunes they play add to the sunshine vibes. My favourite place for a cocktail in York.

Bora Bora, 5 Swinegate Court East

2. Stonegate Yard

Cocktails at Stonegate Yard York
Stonegate Yard has a laidback atmosphere to suit all age groups

A very close contender for the top spot, and one of my go-to cocktail bars while living in York. Whenever I had friends or family visiting we would stop by Stonegate Yard for a cocktail. The atmosphere is relaxed and it appeals to people of all ages, making it a perfect choice if you’re out in a mixed age group. The unique setting is essentially an outdoor courtyard but with a roof – meaning you get all of the advantages of sitting outside without worrying about the rain. Lovely place by day or night.

Stonegate Yard, 8-10 Little Stonegate

3. Cut and Chase

Cocktails at Cut and Chase York
Not just a cocktail but a work of art at Cut and Chase

Cut and Chase opened while I lived in York and it wasn’t long before I stopped by. Not only serving cocktails, it is primarily a restaurant – I’ve also sampled their dinner menu and can attest that it is fabulous too. Their decadent cocktails are not only delicious but also a handcrafted work of art. A little pricier than some of the other bars in York but worth it for 1 or 2 extra special drinks.

Cut and Chase, 39 Goodramgate

4. Pitcher & Piano

Cocktails at Pitcher & Piano York
Night-time view of the river at Pitcher & Piano

Situated by the river, Pitcher & Piano is an idyllic spot for sipping a refreshing cocktail on a summer’s day. When the sun is shining it does get busy, and you need to get there early to nab a good table outside. It’s my preferred choice to its neighbouring Revolution (who do also do fab cocktails) but I find Pitcher & Piano to have a more reserved atmosphere. It’s not only for sunny days as the beautiful indoor area still offers a lovely view of the river which is particularly pretty by night. I remember one wonderful evening near Christmas when my Mum was visiting – we sat inside with a view to the sparkling lights outside, while traditional chilled Christmas songs played over the speaker.

Pitcher & Piano, Ebor Hall, Coney St

5. Bobo Lobo

Cocktails at Bobo Lobo York
Total tropical indulgence at Bobo Lobo

A popular choice for the weekends, when it opens the dancefloor at the back of the bar. The cocktails here are extravagant and tropical, served in pineapples and coconuts with lavish garnishings – perfect if you like your drinks Instagram-worthy.

Bobo Lobo, 5 Little Stonegate

These 5 bars are just my top choices of where to go for cocktails in York. I love a cocktail night in York as the city is filled with fabulous bars, and the best thing is they are all within easy walking distance of each other so you can try them all. If you’re planning a weekend away in York you’re sure to have a wonderful time.